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ganesh chaturthi blog

Celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival

Celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival in a Creative Manner This 2017 Because of environment-harming materials such as Plaster of Paris, thermocol etc, used in making Ganesha idols, the same do not decompose and then create environmental hazards on immersion. The water bodies get clogged during idol immersion and lead to further dangers because of chemical paints […]

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How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in Children ?

How Do You Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in Children from an Early Age – Managing anxiety for tacking an essential project or calming anger to work through a marital conflict or when you applying for job at a workplace- the aptitude to manage your emotions healthily is what that determines the quality of life, and is […]

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5 Ways To Make Your Child Competent

Here are 5 Ways You Can Make Your Children Competent in Every Walks of Life! Competence is the ability of accomplishing goals effectively. A competent person can notice what is to be done for a given situations and knows how to stay on track and respond adequately. A competent person acts with inspiration, feelings, but […]

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