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7 Ways You Can Become a Wonderful Parent for Your Child

Child experts often lay significance on right parenting techniques. The way you parent your children plays a pivotal role in their development. Even at preschools, teachers and staff are as the second parent to kids and share a great responsibility in nurturing your children. As a new parent, you may be confused at times about the steps to take to make the best out of your little one’s childhood.

Here are 7 awesome ways you can become a fantastic parent:

1. Set Your Children on the Right Track

  • Let Your Children Find Solutions Themselves: Do not try to fix everything. Acknowledge your child’s frustrations or adversities, but do not readily suggest a way out. Give him/her a chance to find a solution to the problem, which will teach him/her self-resilience and reliance.
  • Help Kids Explore their Passions: Show your love by setting competitive limits for children. As they crave adventure, it is the right time that you let them discover their passions in a safe manner.
  • Give Them Enough Freedom: Give your child the responsibility for simple tasks such as putting toys away, dressing up, clearing table of plates etc. It will assist in building his/her self-esteem.

2. Be a Good Role Model

  • Teach them to be Respectful: Children learn by watching their parents. Wish your elders with good luck or a respectful greeting, which shall also encourage your child to mimic. Start early, check out the best preschool in your area, as early-schooling teaches kids to learn etiquettes such as paying respect to elders.
  • The Humble Attributes in a Person: Always tell the truth to kids, this way they will learn not to lie. Tell them the importance of apologizing when needed. Let them know the value of sharing. Something like sharing food and toys with peers is what you can start with.
  • Caring for the Environment: By adapting eco-friendly ways of living and being less wasteful when it comes to food, fuel, and more, you also help your kid understand the importance of caring for the environment and remaining clean and hygienic.
3. Help Children Hone Their Social Skills
  • Motivate them to Group Activities: Let your children have a playtime of their own with kids of their age. Introduce playful activities that include multiple players, such as dramatics, athletics and more. Make even normal chores, such as washing dishes or arranging books, a group play by doing these together.
  • Note Your Child’s Progress: Most of the preschools in Thane, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and other metro cities have the special facility of parent-teacher meets ups. You are also able to drop any time at the playschool and observe your child. When you attend such meet-ups, make sure you facilitate the conversation between your child and the teacher or caretaker.
  • Acknowledge Strong Emotions: If your child exhibits strong emotions such as love, happiness, anger, fear, acknowledge those. Strife can take place among peers, but those have to be addressed appropriately. Let your child know the importance of forgiveness that will strengthen the bond of friendship.
4. Spend Quality Time with Your Kids
  • Create Good Memories: As a parent, you may recall warm memories of childhood. Give the same memories to your child. Take him/her out for a movie show, circus, fete, or a cycle ride which is worth remembering. Read books together, tell them entertaining tales etc.
  • Play with them: Even after your child is back from preschool, where he/she may have had a good time playing with other kids, you should also take time them out and spend some time engaging in fun games.
  • Show Some Love: We love our kids there is no doubt about that. However, children may crave attention at times, thus, you need to identify those moments and make sure they do not feel ignored. Something like a tight embrace when your kid is faced with a difficult homework can do the trick.
5. Praise Your Child Appropriately
  • Cheer the Good Deeds: If you notice your children are doing something nice or helpful then encourage such behaviour. One way of doing so is cheering them to keep doing the same. Tell them how it makes a difference to themselves and others.
  • Positive Feedbacks: When you praise your child, try to give a proper and positive feedback, which will make them understand for what exactly they are being praised for. Instead of saying, “You did great”, explain what was great about it.
  • Compliment Them In Front of Others: When you appreciate your kid in person, of course, he/she will feel good, but when you do so in front of others, your child really understands the value of why he/she was praised. The praises then seem to him/her a lesson in disguise that the behaviour is also socially acceptable.
6. Boost Physical Activity and Brainpower
  • Introduce them to Sports: Being physically active is essential for kids as it develops both their mental and physical strength. Introduce your children to simple games such as soccer, hop and skip, running race etc.
  • Playful Study Activities: To make memory and thinking power better for children, introduce them to word games, number games, reciting poems and similar activities which will keep them entertained, engaged and happy.
  • Intelligent Discussions: Have a nice conversation with your children, which will allow them to gain better insight towards their day-to-day schedules, school life and more.
7. Trust Yourself
  • Know when to say “No”: While you may want to be good to your children, you need to step down at times and say a No when necessary. Resist the urge to be too soft on your kids’ demands, and help them cope with life’s ups and downs this way.
  • Reinforce the Values You Learnt: With changing times, parenting has also changed. But there are few core values probably you learn in your childhood, which are even important today. Trust yourself, and go ahead instilling those values in your kid.
  • Follow Your Instincts: When it comes to your child’s health and wellbeing, trust your guts, as no one knows your kid better than you. If you think there is something wrong, chances are that you are right.
Parenting can be full of surprises, but you can make this journey smoother by following the above-mentioned tricks.

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