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8 Behavioural Issues in Toddlers and Fine Ways of Tackling Those

Toddlers and young children have some characteristics that are common, but today we speak about those behaviours and characteristics that you would like to do without. Yes, we are speaking about kids throwing tantrums, screaming, biting, hitting, and pulling on the remaining hairs you have! Such a riot, isn’t it? But, all such annoying behavioural issues of toddlers can be dealt with most ease, if you know how to deal with it correctly.

In kindergarten, such behaviours show up the most and are also best controlled, since children get to interact with minions of their age, and counteracted by teachers and caretakers who pull the reign and help children tone down their raw emotions.

Here are 8 most disruptive behaviour issues in young children, and how you can tackle those.

  1. Biting, Hitting, and Aggression

When your toddler is teething, he/she has the desire of biting things, and sometimes, these things- well are humans or living things. Similarly, when children are refused something, they can take on aggression or hitting. Now, one of the ways to deal with the situation is to immediately remove your child from compromising situation and reinforce good behaviour.

In Preschools, Thane and Mumbai, children are disciplined constantly so that they become less aggressive by understanding the dynamics of society they nurture in. Tell your children that hitting and aggression are not socially acceptable. Give them rewards or appreciate, when they settle a situation amicably.

  1. Throwing Tantrums and Things

If your child is not too aggressive, he/she could rather throw tantrums, which is nothing but true and raw expression of emotions your child feels. As adults, we are able to control our emotional reactions, but children do not know how to cope with the same as easily as us. Some kids in a fit may resort to flinging things like toys, food etc across.

To reduce instances of your child throwing things and tantrums, firstly, understand why your child is reacting in such a manner. Probably he did not get the new chocolate in the store you promised to buy? Or you switched the T.V. channel from his favourite cartoon? The reasons could be endless. The best daycare service promises ways to implement good behaviour through role-plays and activities.

Introduce your kid to time-outs, tell them they can do their favourite things but set a time-frame. Eventually, they would know, watching cartoon time is up, and they cannot watch a cartoon whole day. Similarly, they may get to eat the new chocolate, but not at the time they want it immediately. Do not overly scold or be harsh to kids. Be subtle yet firm, and do not physically hurt them.

  1. Teasing and Bullying

When your child attains the age of 3, he/she may start understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable in the social environment, but this is also the time when the kid will learn about stereotypes, which could lead them to develop the habit of teasing other kids around. You can start with teaching empathy to your children. Let them read a story or watch a cartoon about kids being bullied or teased and the negative effects that has on the psyche of the teased-person. And tell them that teasing or bullying is really bad and one should not do it.

In Rainbow preschools, Thane, Mumbai, children are regularly monitored for their behaviour, and anything odd is peacefully handled. Similarly, you need to keep your cool and tell them that being a bully or teasing someone can make one mean, and being mean is unacceptable and could draw criticism from others. When your child realizes, he/she is steering towards a negative direction, such behaviour would eventually stop.

  1. Lying

Yes, we all tend to tell lies, but since we know truth wins over everything, we may not lie as often as toddlers and young kids do. How do you stop your child from telling lies every time? You can encourage truth-telling. Also do not accuse your kids or overburden them, as children have an active imagination and sometimes the lies they tell are simply outrageous and do not mean any harm.

The best preschool will have a curriculum that makes kids know the importance of acceptable behaviour such as saying truths. Build ample trust among them, so that they will understand the value of siding with truth-telling.

  1. Interrupting

If your child tends to interrupt your daily activities or moreover your conversations with others, it could be because he/she wants more attention, or simply enjoys being everywhere. You can tone down their activeness by letting them know interruption in everything, all the time is not appreciated.

Talk to them gently and let them know that interrupting something important or elders is not accepted and speaks badly about them. A top playschool instils ways that children can address their thoughts without interrupting others so that they learn to respect each others space.

  1. Disobedience

The first sign of disobedience a child portrays is simply running away when being told to do something or paying no heed to the parent/elders. If not kept in check, this behaviour can cause issues when the child seeks preschool admission or admission in a reputable school, since he/she would outright disobey the teachers and not answers the questions asked.

When you are speaking to your child to get a thing done, make sure you are in the vicinity and even if your child tries to run away, you can get hold of him/her. This action will force them to understand that running away from situations will not help. Punishments if any, need to be not physical. Let them know that if they are obedient, they can get laurels or certain rewards.

There are various toddler behaviours which are unacceptable as they grow into teenage years, and thus, needs to be put a stop to at the right age. If you are looking for a nursery in Thane, Mumbai that will be perfect for shaping good behaviour and provide right education to kids, then select Rainbow Preschools.

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