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6 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

This Diwali, Be Different: 6 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most sought-after festivals in India. It is commonly known as the festival of lights and is celebrated throughout the country to uphold the spirit of victory over the evil and doing away with the darkness. The festival signifies hope over despair and win of light over the darkness. Not only adults, but children equally enjoy Diwali. However, due to degrading environment and health risks caused because of smoke and noise pollution from burning crackers, many are choosing Eco-friendly methods of celebrating this festival.

As youths of the country are pioneering environmentally friendly causes, it is time to motivate them to lead the front when it comes to Eco-Friendly Diwali.
It starts with the preschools, where children can be educated about safety methods and nature-friendly ways of celebrating the occasion. Teachers and parents must begin imparting such knowledge in their early-school life itself. While bursting crackers may seem fun, it impacts the surrounding greatly by increasing noise pollution and air pollution levels.

There is a lot of wastage of food and energy during this festival. Moreover, cracker debris and plastic packaging for fireworks are often left to litter the road, which causes health problems especially in kids, and elderly citizens, even animals suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. Now, it is time to celebrate Diwali more responsibly in order to minimize the disturbance to our environment.
We at Rainbow Preschools tell you about 6 different ways to celebrate pollution free, safe and noiseless, yet a Happy Diwali 2017:
1. Go Firecracker Free

Diwali Blog-1
It is hard to even imagine a cracker-less Diwali. But, when we talk about a change, we know it is hard to adopt. Noting the pollution caused by fireworks, it is high-time we think about getting the rid of respiratory problems, blinding flashes and loud noises, which affect everyone due to bursting of firecrackers. Here are some eco-friendly options to fireworks.

  • Though small bonfires also contribute to increase of carbon-dioxide, however, it is safer than bursting large amount of crackers. To upkeep the spirit of Deepawali, neighbourhood can get together with children and create a small bonfire of waste dry leaves, twigs etc.
  • Top it with homemade delicacies! Sing a song or two instead of playing loud music for hours together.
  • For die-hard lovers of crackers, there are eco-friendly fireworks made from recycled paper. Noise from such crackers is also within the decibel limits as mandated by the Central Pollution Control Board.

2. Natural Rangolis

floral rangoli

Quit artificial colours to make rangolis, rather use pulses, rice and flowers for the same. It will also help to feed the little creatures and birds, once the purpose of rangoli is completed. So, nothing goes in waste. Plus artificial colours harm the environments, thus, it is better to do without it. There are many schools that encourage natural rangolis, such as Rainbow Preschool in Thane, which also supports this cause. Floral rangolis are quite popular these days. The leftover flowers can be utilized as compost for your garden.

3. Re-cycled Decorative Items

Reuse everyday items in innovative ways for creating decorative items during Diwali. To brighten up homes, you can make recycled paper lanterns, use traditional diyas or LED lights, wooden dolls and decorative items, leaves and flowers for adorning walls and home interiors.

4. Gift the Greens to Loved Ones

go -green-gifts-diwali

Diwali is an occasion where loved ones exchange gifts. What could be a better gift than shrubs and plants to celebrate Deepawali in an eco-friendly manner? Go green this diwali and gift your loved ones kitchen herbs, tulsi, aloevera , bonsais, air purifying plants, feng shui plants, terrariums and other eco-conscious gifts.

5. Diyas and Lamps Made From Mud

Best way to combat non-biodegradable debris is to substitute plastic and such material lamps with earthy diyas and lamps. You can also encourage your children and yourself to use oil diyas instead of electric ones and save energy. DIY diyas can also be bought. These are often made from coconut shells, seashells, orange peels, wheat dough etc.

6. Serve Food in the Nature’s Basket


Bingeing on snacks and sweets is the identity of gourmet practice during Diwali. You can make it healthier and environmental friendly for your loved ones. Gift them whole grain baskets, herbal tea boxes, honey and dry fruit hampers packed in recycled newspapers, leaves or cane baskets than one coming in plastic and other non eco-friendly wraps. Use earthenware and biodegradable utensils as packing material which can be used later than being disposed.

By observing the above-mentioned ways of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali, you will surely help those around and take a step ahead in protecting our Mother Nature from pollution and degradation of environment.

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