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How to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in Children ?

How Do You Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in Children from an Early Age –

Managing anxiety for tacking an essential project or calming anger to work through a marital conflict or when you applying for job at a workplace- the aptitude to manage your emotions healthily is what that determines the quality of life, and is equally important as IQ. Psychologists have termed emotional intelligence quotient as an impacting factor that bases the situations in life of a person. Similarly, while raising a child with a high EQ, you need to plan diligently.
Below mentioned are few ways to instill EQ in kids as early as when they step into preschool education, because what starts early is what that paves the way to success.
So what is Emotional Intelligence?
Seeing things from other person’s point of view, self-acceptance, and ability to regulate one’s anxiety are some of the examples of emotional intelligence. It is the ‘emotional’, ‘feelings’ side of the person, and how he/she copes up with day to day life emotionally. Now every child has a distinct temperament. You as a parent may be able to control your kid by nurturing right environment and help to him/her.
However, the child’s inner ability to determine what suits his/her interest is not something that can be kept in check always. During preschool activities: competitive games, sports, dramatics etc. or when kids interact with each other, their emotional responses can be well studied.
Every child thus is born with unique emotional intelligence, which can be managed and enhanced with learning and exposure to social surroundings. A competent child is free enough to understand emotional issues and tackle the age-appropriate tasks at an early stage, if he/she has a good EQ. It helps children to emerge with greater confidence.

How Can You Develop Emotional Intelligence in Children?
Many situations influence decisions and minds of children. To be able to develop emotional intelligence, the child must have a scope to experience new things. Following are the steps you can consider to build EQ in your children.

1.Build the Will to “Engage” in Kids: Engagement in different learning experiences can help children build emotional intelligence. Kids who are passionate about something such as writing stories, playing a sport or musical instrument etc tend to protect their passion. The more often you motivate your child to interact with surroundings, the better will the child develop EQ. In addition, introducing kids’ activity in children assists them to realize the seriousness of situations, and ways handle the same.

2.Create more “Happiness”: It is not possible to be happy always. However, when you can do it then why not try it? Appreciate your kids when possible, but do not overdo it. Help them accomplish goals when needed, give them new opportunities to explore themselves, and their own talents, lead them into socially acceptable activities. By instilling positive thoughts and circumstances, you will enable your children to be emotionally healthy.

3.Give Room to “Self-esteem”: You can aid your children to accomplish things, which they can be proud about: whether it is bringing home a terrific report card or helping the next-door neighbor in gardening etc. Self-esteem grows when kids can rely on themselves and believe that they are capable of achieving. By building self-esteem from preschools stage itself, you can assist children to become more resilient and strong individuals.

4.Let them Know the Value of “Persistence”: Many geniuses in the making went without having their goals unaccomplished because they lost the ability to persist in the face of adversity. We all have days when things go wrong and it is hard to take on challenges. However, perseverance is the only way here that still has us take a shot at success. For children too, it is important to become persistent, even though failures come by.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can hone emotional intelligence in children by having them read books about the same topic, there are many storybooks that highlight the value of EQ and are great examples to influence your kids to realize importance of EQ.

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