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Extra Curricular Activities

Summer Camp

Let your children explore the sunshine, kids’ games, warm love & meal during camp sessions. Safe and joyful. Songs and storytelling by the campfire, dances and lots of performances, thrilling mysteries and treasure hunt, with sports on the block. There will be playful indoor and outdoor games in the day hours. Role-play, dramatics and of course some drills to keep kids active and before sleepovers.

Fun Games

Give a creative push to child’s man at RAINBOW. Your young ling will be part of action-packed and learning games for overall development. From snakes and ladders, drawing board, coloring activities, letter and number counting, colorful blocks, ABACUS training, simple math problems in playful way, athletics, tic tac toe, playing with balls, fancy dress, to poem reading and a lot more.

Exciting competitions

The spirit of healthy competition discovered via contests, sports, inspiring & exciting activities under one roof. Students will be engaged in indoor games such as carom, chess, story reading and outdoor sports such as running race, kick the can, hopscotch, four square, hide and seek etc under observation of trainers and teachers. Contests related to studies and games are also on the cards.


With growing minds comes growth of surrounding environment. Children are motivated to participate in gardening activities. They are given on-hand experience of planting small and utility plants, know the do’s and don’ts of gardening at home, and how to create a small flora and vegetable patch for themselves. No chemical products are used during these learning sessions, your child is dwells and encounters pure nature.

Fun Fair

We organize timely funfair where students can interact freely with peers, teachers, parents and mind-blowing entertainment. Clowns and cartoon characters will come alive. Your children will witness kids carnival, magic tricks, circus, puzzling games they can participate in, and dig their teeth into delicious foods. Kids can explore fun pool noodle activities and meet the superheroes they admire.

Pool Party

Swimming can be more than just a physical exercise. We host pool parties for students, where there is exact music & fun they need. All safety precautions are taken to bestow complete fun and entertainment where your children can just relax and be away from the humdrum of studies and go wild with their friends. Games, songs, dances and performances will keep little ones involved through the pool party.

Best Out of Waste

Use up the resources in most productive way is true at RIS. We teach students of how to recycle waste in a non-hazardous manner. Children will learn how to waste less and use things in optimal manner, be it water, food and more. They will come to know about organic fertilizers to be made out of organic wastes, how to create beautiful crafts from leftover paper, and build castles from popsicle sticks, and similar such activities.

Yoga and Aerobics

Become flexible beings, happy and healthy today. Students are taught relaxing yoga and aerobics that keep them fit mentally and physically. Professional trainers hold separate sessions for yoga and aerobics, from simple to complicated asanas and steps that will revitalize their body and bring in positive vibrations. Your child will discover new spheres of harmony and good life, always full of motivation.

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