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A customized curriculum that is well researched and designed by leading educationists from Singapore with over two decades of experience. This curriculum has been fine-tuned over the years to be age appropriate so that it provides just the right impetus for the development of your children in their growing years.

Boundaries are shrinking. We live in a world of information overload. It is therefore a question of not just quantity but quality. Deciding what need not be taught is as important as what needs to be. A home grown solution that just combines work and play is not only ineffective but can seriously impair the evolution of the entire learning process of children.

Our curriculum has been designed by child educationists with over two decades of experience from Singapore. We have chosen our curriculum mentor from Singapore as it is not only a country that is a beacon of development and progress but is one of the very few countries in the world whose ministry of education oversees public and private preschool curriculum.

We at The Learning Curve provide a curriculum which allows for the optimal growth of children in every area, with a balance of teacher directed and child-directed activities, whereby play is the most significant mode of learning. We respect and value every individual potential. We steer them towards independence yet teach them to function as an effective member of a group/team.

The Learning Curve will provide developmentally appropriate activities for all children while creating an individual curriculum. Our focus is the whole child Activities are planned for the enhancement and development of specific skills.

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