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Interesting Fitness Games and Activities for the Young Ones

Children begin developing motor skills from the day they are born. Their motor skills progress rapidly after a few months of birth. A top playgroup will have group activities for children involving simple physical movements to better their body balance. By the time a kid is 4 to 5 years old, he/she attains physical skills such as kicking, throwing, jumping, running, and running. They come a long way from where they started, remember the first time your child crawled on all fours?

Now he/she will continue to refine movement skills and build on those to learn complex movements. This is the right time for encouraging their natural tendency to stay active. Fitness in children makes them confident about their abilities to build self-esteem. It also decreases risks to serious illnesses in later years of life. The Rainbow Preschools, Thane, Mumbai emphasises on fitness games and activities for your kids that you can take advantage of.

As preschoolers, your children need to be active so that they can strengthen their body muscles and keep off from putting unnecessary weight. The best preschool for your little one will have sufficient amount of activities directed towards physical games and refining of motor skills along with mental fitness.

Below listed are fitness activities for children in kindergarten and early schools.

Top Activities for Fitness of Preschoolers

It is important to understand what young children can handle. Kids must participate in challenging and fun activities, which allow them to build coordination skills, but are not beyond their capacity and ability. The best daycare service will help kids participate in activities such as skip, hop, jump forward, do a somersault, catch a ball, balance on a feet etc.

Here are everyday physical activity tips for children:

  • 30 minutes of adult-led physical activity.
  • Kids should not be inactive for more than an hour unless they are sleeping.
  • 30 minutes to 60 minutes of free play (unstructured) physical activity.

Preschoolers also enjoy dancing, hiking, swimming, riding tricycle or bicycle. But, all these activities must be monitored by a trained adult. A nursery in Thane, Mumbai and in other parts of India gives kids the opportunity to participate in organized sports. An average 3 to 5 years old may find it difficult at first to master the basics such as catching, taking turns, and throwing. But with guidance from parents and teachers, they eventually get the hang of things.

How Can Parents Help in Keeping Their Children Fit?

Running in a garden, playing, walking, and using playground equipment at parks are fun not only for the children but the entire family. Some of the activities that you can try along with your kids are mentioned below:

  • Kicking a ball back and forth. Play passing the ball, hitting the ball off a T-ball stand, hitting the ball with bat or leg etc.
  • Playing games like ‘follow the leader’, ‘running race’, ‘catch the ball’, ‘duck, duck, goose’, etc and then mixing up those with walking backwards, hopping, and jumping.
  • Practice balancing by pretending to be statues.
  • Playing freeze tag or freeze dance.

Indoor Fitness Games for Kids

Children can be active even indoors. You must arrange a safe play area for indoor games.

  • Obstacle course: You can make games interesting by setting up an obstacle course with soft boxes, chairs, and toys for the child to go under, around, through, and over.
  • Treasure Hunt: Another activity is hiding treasures in the house at nearby spaces and providing them with clues to the locations.
  • Soft-ball Games: You may use balloons to play catch or volleyball with your child. Use soft foam balls to play bowling, success, basketball, and catch.

Remember That Physical Activity for Kids Should Be Fun

Starting very young at sports can be frustrating for few children. It can lead to discouragement to future participation in sports. If you want to sign up your preschooler for serious sports such as soccer, athletic events etc, make sure they join a group comprising of kids of the same age. When a child takes preschools admission, the motto is not to jump into the bandwagon of competition.

The focus should be on the fundamental, be it any activity or game. The fitness tasks should be all about fun. In case your children are not having fun, then enquire them as to what is the issue and if needed, find another activity. At daycare Thane, and Rainbow Preschools, your child will grow to be a fit individual along with excelling in psychological skills.

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