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Important Tips to Help Children Model the Right Behavior!

Children model their behavior by observing how their parents behave in situations. What we as parents may not realize is that kids have the ability to learn greater by observing others perform any kind of task. This is why, it is said that teachers and parents are real role-models for children, especially in early education. In preschools, children encounter kids of their age and even adults and tend to model and imitate them during their interactions with the rest of the world.
In the formative years, toddlers and children develop a part of their personality by what they repeatedly observe. While kindergarten is meant to inculcate manners and teach kids about expressing emotions along with academic excellence, as parents, we should also enforce positive behavior and civic manners, which ultimately shape children’s thought process and lifestyle.
Despite knowing it all, many of us end up behaving recklessly, which impacts children negatively. Even the best daycare service may fall short to completely teach kids’ good morals and socially responsible behaviour if as parents, we do not play our role in making kids mature and understanding.
Here is a list of things to follow so that children model their behaviour in right ways.
1.Be Mindful In Presence of Children: It is natural for us to lose our temper and patience. But when in the presence of children, you need to be mindful. Go to another room and discuss any problems you may have with your better-half. Do not quarrel in front of the kids, especially restrict from using cuss words, because children may pick up and those, and use the same when they get angry. Set a good impression on kids, and stay away from making any derogatory remarks. Even during preschools admission, how parents deal with their kids is noticed, and may form the first impression about the household.

2.Give Undivided Attention: We are almost every time tied up in busy schedules or caught up in tasks, which makes us spend less time with children. Even when we are with the kids, how often we keep our smartphones aside and have a heartfelt chat? It is important to provide kids with our undivided attention. Make an eye-contact every time you teach them skills to engage in a healthy conversation. It will enable the children to develop an interest in being a genuine listener an d boost their confidence.

3.Follow the Rules Yourself: As parents, we always want the best for our children. This is how we bring up rules for children, but do you think they will follow it if you break them yourself? For example, you may set a rule that not to watch television during dinner or not to interrupt elders while they are having a conversation. Now, if you watch television yourself during dinner in front of your children, it will only signal the child that it is okay to break rules. Similarly, the best preschool is the one that induces the right behaviour in children by the following suit to the rules they set.

4.Provide Constructive Feedback: As parents, it is essential that we motivate our children to do better. For example, your child has written a poem and you may laugh at silly rhymes and dismiss it as childish or simply drop excessive praises for a badly written story. In both the scenarios, your reaction is harmful to the kid. Instead, it is suitable to offer a rationale to your feedback. Answer in a way that provides possible solutions. It will assist children to learn the same, and apply it to their peers. The child will learn the knack of interpersonal skills that will benefit him/her on the long-run.

5.It is good to Say Thank You and Sorry: You may tell your children to be thankful to others when they help and say sorry if they have done something wrong. However, it is not enough to just say it. Every time you need to be thankful to someone in front of your child, do not forget to say humble thanks. Also, even if a situation is non-serious to say a sorry, make sure you do say it. This is how your child will learn to be courteous and responsive to similar situations.
While you should incorporate the above-mentioned list into your parenting checklist, you can also trust Rainbow Preschools for following accurate behavior-development model and curriculum, which inspires children to behave in acceptable and right ways.

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