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Why RAINBOW is the best playschool

Global Curriculum

We bring to you custom designed and age-appropriate course on par with CBSE standards, best general knowledge, easy-to-grasp topics, well-cut and researched subjects to inspire young minds and meet their quest for knowledge.

Safety and Security

Be worriless, your child is safe at RIS, for its premises are CCTV secured, equipped with advanced-medical room and expert nurses, child-friendly toys, security guards, and responsible staff along with manned school buses.

Kids Friendly

RAINBOW is prepared with all-time present attendants who take care of hygiene and cleanliness. We have well-maintained canteen, kitchen, playground, garden, classrooms, washrooms, and inform students about hygiene tips.

Transportation Facility with GPS

We have specialized school buses armed with GPS tracker, so we are on the loop about bus movements, keeping an eye on your child’s safety and position and making sure he/she reaches safely back home or to school when onboard the bus.

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