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About RAINBOW Preschool

RAINBOW began its journey in June 2007. From the time of its inception, RAINBOW has traversed many boundaries to develop its own expertise in preschool education. Our excellence can be exemplified by the fact that RAINBOW is probably India’s first preschool with more than fifteen thousand (15000) students within 10 years.

Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating environment where a restless child is moulded into an all-rounder, who can use his five senses effectively by enjoying and acquiring new knowledge. RAINBOW  lays a solid foundation for the future.

The grooming starts from day one and over the days, witness how your child moves from dependence to independence from shaking coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication.

At RAINBOW the curriculum and activities are designed where your child can grow & learn in a holistic environment.
Our motto is:


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