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Rainbow Preschools Playgroup Mideterm 1

Playgroup Midterm

This program is designed for children between 1.5 to 2.5 years of age. We encourage children to develop unique skills, interests, and strengths by introducing them to various activities that include puppet shows, cartoon shows, sand play, coloring, scribbling, etc.We also have activities like fancy dress, field trips, and festival celebrations and encourage our children to actively participate in these programs.

1.5  to  2.5 Years
Academic session: October to April
Student teacher ratio- 25:2:2 maids per class for personal attention to each child.

For curriculum: The teachers’ impart knowledge about orals and recognition skills-

  • Orals include: A to Z alphabets, 1 to 10 numbers, rhymes, poems, stories
  • Recognition skills- colors, shapes, vegetables, fruits & body parts
  • Development of gross motor skills –running, hopping and jumping
  • Development of fine motor skills- coordination between eye-hand-brain
  • For fine motor skill development we have activities like paper tearing, sponge dabbing, hand and thumb printing, scribbling
Play-Way  Method of Teaching:
  • Activity books
  • Puppet Show
  • Muppet shows
  • Flash Cards
  • Phonetics
  • Enactments etc. for fun and creative learning

We also have E-learning boards, audio-visual aids in school to make learning more easier, fun-loving & interesting for our kids. “Memory Book” is also introduced to paste kid’s photos for keeping his memory for lifetime.

At RAINBOW, toddlers develop a variety of skills that are integrated through music, art, table toys, movement games, puzzles, and books. A predictable yet responsive daily schedule meets the needs of children with both structure and flexibility. Although teachers attend to the individual needs, the group or whole class experience is a very important aspect of our program. By continuously listening, talking and describing actions to our children, we help enhance vocabulary, expand expressive language skills, develop self – esteem, and increase awareness.

In house festival celebrations :

  • Grand -Parents Day
  • Diwali Party
  • Navratri Celebration
  • Key learning: socializing and be friends

Major events:

  • Annual Day celebration (Gadkari Rangayatan / Kashinath Ghanekar Auditorium )
  • Sports day (Dadaoji Kondeo Stadium or Sri Ma Sports Ground)
  • 100% participation of the kids
  • Makes the child confident/bold to take participation

Field trips & picnics:

  • 2 field trips & one picnic
  • Field trips to nearby vegetable mart/post office/fire station
  • Field trips are taken to impart practical knowledge in children
  • Picnic to nearby gardens / mall play area

We conduct Medical Checkup to examine details of child such as :

Details of child such as :

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Dental Health
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Throat
Reports are given to parents.

High amount of Hygiene is maintained at the school. We are very particular about the cleanliness at our premises.We have maintained major staff of  support service for cleanliness and hygiene maintenance in our campus viz, stairs, classrooms, washrooms, indoor and outdoor areas.

Regular PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) on one to one basis to understand the progress of the child.

  • Month wise Planner is uploaded.
  • Term wise Report Cards are given.

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