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After Preschool What’s Next?

When children are done with preschool education, they do not have to look anywhere else since our own Rainbow International School, which is one of the best CBSE schools in Thane, is where you can admit the children for further learning. We have classes till high-school and there is specialized curriculum for each class. All the subjects, curriculum are on par with CBSE standards and children are encouraged to progress in education and as individual beings.
Just how we deliver the best during preschool, as CBSE School, RIS ensures facilities for learning for optimum development of students. We understand the transition from preschool to regular school, and this the curriculum as well as sports and other amenities are designed by keeping the age of the students. Students can engage in outdoor sports, competitions, and excel in studies under the guidance of staff and teachers.
At Rainbow International School as well there are facilities of school bus, playgrounds, air-conditioned classroom and other necessities as like in preschool. There are ready-to-attend staff for medical needs of students. Children are taught essentials at every stage of their educational growth and thus, we also have laboratories and mediums that are extremely important for on-hand experience with the curriculum material.
From preschool to high school, your child will experience excellence in education- mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. They learn to become part of the surroundings and take on to challenges healthily. They will learn a lot more than “accepted” norms of schooling to being happy and successful individuals in their entire school life at Rainbow International School in Thane.

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Date : 29 Jul 2017

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