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Our preschool classroom motivates children to learn through hands-on-activities and interactive play. The classrooms are also spacious and updated time-to-time to encourage curiosity in students, and provide them a mix of educational experiences. Our centre is spread over a large area, which gives kids sufficient place to learn and play. All locations are easily accessible, and classrooms remain well-lit and ventilated. The preschool classroom has necessary furniture and air-condition with advanced technology tools to inspire young minds.

We have provisions for both indoor and outdoor play areas. There are anti-slip flooring, age-appropriate toys, portable naptime cots, and attractive wall graphics. We make space for dramatic play, where children can interact with peers and teachers. Some of the facilities included are harmless toys, blocks table, theme-based play stations and a lot more. The outdoor area has a big playground, which has several amenities for kids. Play courses, gardens and a lot more are set to attract attention of children.

We also make the indoors on par with outdoor set-up since during bad weather, children cannot go out to play, so we have made special facilities to keep kids entertained always. Some of the great indoor activities include carom, chess, badminton, and more. The areas are safe and engaging with multifunctional facets. The washrooms are comfortable-sized and kept clean and hygienic always. These are also child-sized and child-friendly so that kids to not face any difficulties.

The kitchen is equipped with present-day amenities and food is stored in dry and clean pantry. Food is kept nutritious and freshly prepared. The food menu is planned by a nutritionist. Toys are again child-friendly and made from materials suited for the health. We have Lego, wooden, foam, soft toys, pattern toys and construction toys besides others that are popular among kids.

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Date : 29 Jul 2017

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