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Rainbow Connect

Rainbow Preschool has launched an innovative, instantly accessed mobile app- PRESCHOOL CONNECT, which will help parents to get in touch with school and its authorities from anywhere. Parents will be able to attain updated information of their children on their smartphone in a blink of an eye. They will receive instant reminders, notifications, alarms and a lot more related to their children and school activities.
By having access to PRESCHOOL CONNECT, parents can now save time and efforts of visiting the school to know about their child’s activities. The app also tells about activities the children of the parents participate in, along with daily feeds, photos, videos, news about the kids etc.
The strategic algorithms combined with advanced technology enables PRESCHOOL CONNECT to charm parents, as it also has user-friendly interface, message pool available for offline users, and enhance the sense of collaborative efforts of both the teachers, staff and the children.
This mobile app also has series of features, such as:

  • Advanced dashboard, where all the necessary and important information of the child is mentioned.
  • Student attendance record, other alerts and notifications
  • Academic calendar packed with essentials such as news feeds, list of holidays, planner etc.
How to Use the PRESCHOOL CONNECT Mobile App?
  • The parents have to enter their login details (registered mobile number, user ID with password) to access their account. In case the password is forgotten, it can be retrieved easily in no time.
  • Once the account is accessed, the parent can view all information under the app. The information is segregated well enough with graphical representations.
  • Parents can receive plenty information about child’s daily progress and participation in school activities and know feedback of staff, homework assigned, important circulars and notices etc.
  • The school attendance by overall percentage and daily record is also collated.

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Date : 29 Jul 2017

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