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At the growing age, especially when kids are 18 months to 6 years, they are at a stage of developing immunity. Thus, we have taken care to design the premises in a way that environment is healthy and safe. Cleanliness of premises is the priority and the staff are engaged to make sure the classrooms, play areas, kitchen, washroom and every nook are kept hygienic for children and others. We are first ISO certified preschool in Maharashtra. There are first-aid kits for children and well-housed medical room with trained staff. Moreover, there are no obstacles placed in areas, thus there is no risk of incidental injuries.

We take safety and hygiene seriously at our preschool. If there are any repairs to be done, those are catered to immediately. Dusting and sweeping is also done regularly and completed mostly before the preschool activities begin. This way the activities for kids remain unhindered. Due to any incident if any of the areas become unclean within the school-time, the attendants promptly clean up the area so that kids do not have to remain unsafe.
Even when it comes to children, if they dirty their uniform due to illness or other accident, we take care of them and attendants are always prepared to clean up. Our premises are also secured with CCTV cameras around so the kids are monitored for their safety. The interiors and outdoors are designed for child safety. We have special team of staff that is dedicated to cleaning purpose of the centre.

The attendants are constantly engaged in keeping surroundings clean and supervise the spaces to maintain cleanliness of the premises through the day. Our child-friendly washbasins and washrooms are not interfered by adults, as there are separate washrooms for staff, adults and children. We also have temperature check done via non-contact thermometer for kids with annual health check-up done by doctor.

Safety & Security Measures at RAINBOW Preschools :

  • CCTV cameras for better supervision and fire safety
  • ChildSafe Furniture & Interior
  • A Well Trained 100% female staff
  • First Aid Kits & Emergency Services

Class Activities


Date : 29 Jul 2017

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