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Skilled Teachers

We employ trained and skilled teachers. They are highly qualified in early-child care. We also make sure that their skills are upgraded when necessary and that they bear knowledge of all essentials. Our preschool launches in-house training programs and workshops to hone their skills. International experts also help us in this endeavor. We have the reputation of best staff suited for age-appropriate teaching, and every teacher pays equal attention to each child’s welfare.

Staff also go through regular learning and they are updated with recent happenings for early-child education and preschool activities. Even the staff is well-informed about play activities for kids. They have been experienced in both physical and in-class learning meant for children in the playschool.
The dramatics and role-play are what our staff is expert at.

We place all-rounder staff who understand the know-hows of preschool and children. None of the staff are such that they would lack skill in what they specialize at, because at our preschool, adding value to children and commitment to work is the most important. Making skills as compulsory in all sectors of preschool education, our staff deal with day-to-day school life in their finest efforts. This why we claim that at early schooling also, your child will experience the best of all worlds.

When it comes to skills, we place importance not only on education and knowledge that limit to just textbooks and curriculum but focus on emotional and social skills as well. Our staff, attendants and teachers are educated in both these spheres as well. They also are thus equipped to understand and cater to social and emotional needs, and help children to grow as acceptable social beings.

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Date : 29 Jul 2017

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