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Transport Facilities with GPS

If you think that conveyance to preschool is a problem, then worry not. Our preschool is equipped with fleet of self-owned buses, which are complete with safety and security facilities such as safety grills, GPRS tracker, female bus attendants, cameras, an advanced application for tracking the bus is available for parents/guardians, inter connection with walky-talky to facilitate communication. Apart from these facilities, the buses are well maintained.

The buses are cleaned regularly and children do not face any hygiene issues. The bus drivers are trained and registered, and extremely professional. Parents can stay anxiety free as they can come to know when their children board the bus because of a special application that informs the parents about such information. The interior of the buses are also child-friendly.

These are wear and tear resistant as maintenance is meted constantly. The buses also have the name of the school, contact details mentioned on the surface for anyone to take notice in case a need arises. Children can also contact their parents from inside the buses via a phone, which is present as active all the time during operation hours of the vehicle.

All buses are used for the purpose of school and preschool transport only and not for any other intentions. These are available at right time so that there is no delay in getting to school and back home safely. Buses are environmental friendly as well and are serviced to be so at required intervals. Attendants in the bus take care of children while they are aboard. As per CBSE norms, the buses operate to facilitate to-and-fro between school and home of students every day.

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Date : 29 Jul 2017

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